glendonTodd Private Equity, Dallas, Texas | Approach
Our investment thesis is simple: glendonTodd only invests where we have clear value creation strategies and actionable operational insights. Investing is not just “all about the math.” What we have seen is that projections based solely on quantitative factors can lead one down the wrong path. Because market conditions always evolve, we continually look for the opportunities that this constant evolution presents. This approach informs our investment allocations; it shows us which assets to pursue and how to maximize value.

glendonTodd draws upon more than 100 years experience in hands-on management of global businesses.

While simple in theory, our team understands the complexity inherent below the surface of our investment thesis. Much more than a knowledge of macro and micro economics, and financial and legal systems, deeply understanding the business model, internal methodologies, branding, contextual positioning within the industry, and industry evolution are all critical to the assets we pursue and the outcomes we expect. This is especially important when bringing products and services from the confines of a single business or geographic market onto a broader global platform. glendonTodd clients benefit because we cultivate this understanding of the nuances of dealing in multiple geographies and sectors.