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Mr. Stewart has over 30 years of experience as a licensed Texas attorney handling matters associated with insolvency, bankruptcy, technology and technology contracts, litigation and real estate. He has worked in both the private and corporate sectors. Much of his experience is with large law firms and large corporate legal staffs.

Through much of his career, Mr. Stewart has represented businesses in multiple industries at the front end of transactions, structuring them so as to ameliorate future risk and provide a complete understanding of rights and obligations going forward.

He began his career in Houston in 1983, moving to Dallas in 1986. Throughout the 1980’s, he worked on oil and gas, real estate, healthcare and airline bankruptcies. Through much of the 1990’s, he worked with Mr. Furniss on EDS Corporation’s inhouse legal staff. Mr. Furniss and Mr. Stewart collaborated on several successful bankruptcy workouts during that time frame. Since that time he’s worked with several large firms in Dallas and continued his practice of working on financial workouts of large technology contracts.

He brings to glendonTodd extensive experience in multiple areas of business law, business planning and risk amelioration. Mr. Stewart’s experience in bankruptcy, business restructuring and insolvency risk analysis gives glendonTodd the capability to understand and advise on risk prior to making investments such as few other private equity firms are able to.