To apply, please send a resume to info@glendontodd.com.

Support Functions:

  • Manage extremely busy and ever-changing calendar
  • Anticipate CEO’s needs & stay 10 steps ahead
  • Schedule meetings and special events to include invitations & catering
  • Prepare agendas, presentations & board materials
  • Gatekeeper and first point of contact, screen incoming calls and greet visitors
  • Manage electronic communication & information flow
  • Assist with personal matters as requested
  • Manage extensive Outlook contact database
  • Expense reporting and reimbursement
  • Manage personal, business, international and domestic travel with travel agent
  • Serve as liaison between CEO & other C-level executives, elected political figures & staff
  • Perform research as needed
  • Manage receipt and delivery of physical mail

Facility Management Functions:

  • Serve as main contact for leasing management office, building maintenance, building security access & building parking garage access
  • Coordinate office improvements/construction
  • Manage office furnishings, appliances and office machines including maintenance, repair, warranty information, technical updates and usage reports
  • Manage supply procurement and inventory for general office supplies, office machine supplies, company stationary, computer equipment and break room
  • Serve as Administrator for hosted MS Outlook Exchange server and SharePoint server, VoIP telephone system and printer/copier account

IT Functions:

  • Assist staff with contacting IT for software and technology needs
  • Procure service providers & vendors for office to include; VoIP phones, IT, internet service, Outlook Exchange provider, electronic file management software & other providers as needed

Human Resource Functions:

  • Manage on boarding for all new employees
  • Manage insurance enrollment and cancellations for all employees


  • 5 years of experience supporting a C-Level executive


  • College Degree


  • Ability to serve as an ambassador and thought leader on behalf of the firm
  • Strong written and oral communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail coupled, strong work ethic, and commitment to overall success
  • Must be mature, enjoy working in ambiguity, and have the ability to take on tasks he/she or the firm has never done before
  • Must be comfortable identifying, raising and tackling issues
  • Ability ingest, digest, synthesize information and articulate the synthesis and insights


  • Professionalism
  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Collaboration
  • Confidentiality
  • Creativity
  • Humility
  • Courage
  • Health


  • Strong willingness to do any task in order to help achieve the goal
  • Looking for better ways to do things
  • Ability to shift from optimist to pessimist, as needed, to fully explore outcomes
  • Commitment to skeptical optimism
  • Unyielding commitment to do the right thing without acknowledgement
  • Ability to anticipate executives needs