glendonTodd Capital Invests Into SDL Citadel

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Release Date–September 18, 2012

Dallas, TexasglendonTodd Capital LLC(“glendonTodd”), a  Dallas-based private equity firm, announced today its investment into SDL Citadel, LLC (“SDL” or “the Company”), a renewable energy company that converts everyday waste into electricity and heat to provide sustainable, low cost, renewable energy while also reducing the cost and environmental impact of landfills.

Through its investment into SDL, glendonTodd brings a two-plus year relationship focused on social ventures and philanthropic efforts to fruition.  SDL’s mission is to enhance environmental protection by producing and conserving energy from renewable sources. SDL’s energy solutions provide the vehicle for the mission to be realized. As a socially responsible company, SDL ensures that all energy solutions have a positive and sustained regional impact upon the economy, with emphasis on job and business creation, education, and public health. SDL Citadel and its key stakeholders provide sustainable renewable energy solutions that foster job creation, economic development, reinvention of industry, and energy independence with little or no impact upon the environment. glendonTodd will not only help the management team commemorate these efforts on social ventures, but will seek to adjoin them with other glendonTodd philanthropy in Honduras, Haiti, Ecuador and other developing countries throughout the southern hemisphere.

The SDL investment represents an opportunity for glendonTodd to acquire and provide strategic capital into a unique, proprietary renewable energy system with the ability to serve a wide variety of remote and commercial customers.  The portability of SDL systems make them available for use in even the most remote locations especially those where grid access is expensive or where acreage for landfills is in short supply.

glendonTodd Managing Partner, Todd Furniss explains, “SDL’s strategic offering as a ‘best in class’ producer of renewable energy using cost effective and proprietary ’trash to gas’ technology, enhanced by the increased demand for energy in developing nations, positions the company well for shareholder wealth and value creation.”

About glendonTodd Capital LLC Based in Dallas, Texas, glendonTodd Capital LLC is a private equity firm that focuses on companies in the technology-enabled business services and financial services sectors, mixed-use, healthcare real estate projects, and data center infrastructure and related services. The firm makes investments in industries and geographies where their principals have significant operating experience, including direct P&L responsibility, strategic decision making, deployment of expansion dollars, and resolution of operating issues. With a global orientation and strong operational background, the firm holds true the belief that investments led by people who have experience in the industries in which they are investing makes a material difference in the quality of the investment outcome. For more information please visit


About SDL Citadel, LLC SDL Citadel, LLC is a renewable energy company that owns, sells and operates patented technology that cost effectively converts everyday waste into electricity through modular and portable gasification technology.  The size and mobility of SDL’s systems allow for scalable connection to the grid and onsite or near-site power generation for commercial, industrial, and urban mixed use developments. SDL systems are designed to produce one to three MW of electricity by converting municipal solid and post industrial waste into synthetic, combustible gas from which electricity and heat are produced for sale or use. For more information please visit

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