Hospital 101


glendonTodd Capital focuses on mixed-use healthcare real estate projects across the United States. We seek opportunities that align with our stakeholder-centric investment philosophy and allow us to capitalize on the broader trends in the healthcare industry.

We have strong management and operating experience that enables us to drive asset performance, create value, and achieve the objectives of our investors. We believe that maximizing the success of our projects depends on following our proven model. The steps in this model include developing a clear strategic focus, performing detailed analysis, adopting best practice processes, and requiring comprehensive reporting.

We leverage our strategic alliance with a real estate development company, a strong anchor tenant, and local, regional and national brands to create a repeatable economic eco-system, to achieve successful outcomes for each project and thereby achieve investor objectives. Our focus on specialization and alignment of interests across all parties mitigates principal and investor risk, and it enables us to execute more efficiently.